Who we are

JNCC is an autonomous local Church that submits to and partners with Church Team Ministries International (“CTMI”) to share the gospel in South Africa and with the nations of the world.

The heart of this young and growing Church is to reach out to all the people of Gauteng, South Africa and beyond. Our submission to and partnering with CTMI has linked JNCC to many believers working together in over 24 countries on 4 continents although the majority of Churches are based in Africa.

The Church is established pursuant to and subscribes to the Statement of Faith. It is our vision and passion to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified and witness lives being restored and changed by the power of God’s grace.

We welcome you to join us at our Sunday morning service at 09:30am as well as to our mid week meetings in Randburg, Kempton Park and Rosettenville.